This is what we do. Let us know what can we do for you.

Tourism – Peoples, Places, History

  • Fully documented info-trips – data gathering, art & commercial photography, presentation movies, commercials, aerial photos & film, if permitted.
  • Resorts presentations – hotels, pensions, camping areas.
  • Amusement parks, zoo & botanical gardens, museums.
  • Historical sites – cities, castles, monuments.
  • Night photography and film.
  • Aerial photos and films – if & where permitted.

Glamour & Fashion

  • Models portfolios
  • New collections on catwalk
  • Fashion designers portfolios
  • Fashion magazines & online stores
  • Commercials
  • Make-up and hair stylists’ portfolios
  • Make-up and hair styling demonstration movies
  • Backstage imagery
  • Interviews

Private Events

Wedding ceremonies, christening ceremonies, private parties:

  • Professional and art photography
  • Exquisite photo books
  • Candid images
  • Professional shooting sessions
  • State of the art films
  • Latest technology available
  • Professional editing and sound processing
  • Aerial films and pictures

Through our partners, we can offer:

  • Experienced DJ
  • High Fidelity and powerful sound equipment
  • Stage lights and light effects
  • Fog machine – classic
  • Wireless microphones for speakers and singers
  • Voice mixer

Corporate events

  • Professional photography and film
  • Full event recording
  • Reportage
  • Interviews
  • Close circuit – cable network broadcast
  • Live projection and simultaneous recording
  • Professional light and sound equipment
  • Wireless microphones for speakers.
  • Professional video editing
  • Social media ready photos and videos.

Product photography & commercials

  • Product photography for e-commerce and catalogs
  • Art reproduction photography
  • Macro photography
  • Photo stacking
  • Commercial movies
  • Movies for production processes
  • Movies and photos for medical procedures

Concerts & Street Art

  • Concert photography
  • Multi angle video recording
  • Professional video editing
  • Professional sound processing
  • Street performances and flashmobs
  • Teasers
  • Promos
  • Posters

Sport Tournaments

  • Photos and films for sport tournaments and games
  • Art photography for sport
  • Multiple exposure photography
  • Time lapse and slow motions movies
  • Teasers and promos

Trusted Partners

We built a successful company due to our hard work, our passion and our faithful partners.
Nothing could be possible without them.