A thought before…

World Media Concept came into this world naturally, as a consequence of my strong and old passion for colors and details, for a world seen from the most unexpected vantage points.
I love to cast the time in molds, to extract the moment from its frame, to put it on a piece of paper and to let it tell us its story. Could be your story, the story of your dreams, of your endeavors, could be the story of any person who dare for more, for upper, for further.
Why World? Because we have the world at our feet and the range of our reach depends only on our will.
Why Media? Because I seat between what is obvious and what is discrete, being inspired by the both sides.
Why Concept? Because I dare to give to the world my own meanings.
I challenge you to paint the world in the colors of your dreams and to spread everywhere the beauty of your moments.

Dan Lazarescu
World Media Concept